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ICT is an automated AI technologٍy platform that improves the prospects of winning government business by enabling government contractors to develop capture plans far more efficiently and effectively.

Increase your bid capacity and volume. Assess thousands of opportunities. Develop capture plans rapidly.

American AI algorithms evaluate and analyze opportunities that work for you

Machine Learning for Winning Government Contracts
The entire platform at your fingertips on mobile app and on the web. Develop entire capture plans and make go or no-go decisions from your mobile app.


To stay competitive America needs rapid innovation. The existing process for capture management is painfully slow and extremely expensive. Imagine if intelligent algorithms can help you develop capture plans with super speed and at one-tenth the cost of traditional capture planning. Now you can target more business with less resources applied. Create powerful value and become the efficient seller that can impress the government. 


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With the fast emerging geopolitical situation and great power competition, patriotic branding and national story building are essential elements of running your business. Customers want to know about your supply chains, your markets, your cybersecurity. What stories are you telling them? How can you develop and communicate better stories? AIAI helps you develop your American story in a manner where it appeals to everyone regardless of their political orientation.

AI in Investment


The world has changed. Reindustrialization and hyper innovation are driving the new economy. Is your firm ready to embrace the new paradigm?

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Reindustrialization Articles

Analyzing Storytelling About the Ukrainian Conflict: Countries and Firms

Note: This article series in no way minimizes the Ukrainian suffering. It is simply an attempt to analyze the storytelling applied by various entities in the Ukrainian Conflict. Humans have been telling war stories for millenniums. Many of those stories were about glorifying the victories and the victorious. Some detailed the brutality of warfare. Others

How to design ESG programs that don’t get your CEOs fired? Here is the clue: Use AI.

Introduction At least two major activist investors (Bluebell Capital Partners, Artisan Partners) joined the calls for the removal of Emmanuel Faber, CEO of Danone (the French firm known for its yogurt products and bottled water). The board heard the message loud and clear, and Mr. Faber was removed from his position (see Figure 1). During

Nonergodic, history retaining trajectories of Disruptive Innovation

By: Al (Ali) Naqvi My goal in this article is to expand the traditional disruptive innovation investment analytical framework with the additional constructs of nonergodic nature of disruptive innovations. Funds have a tendency to formulate investment thesis based upon a technology’s innovation potential and not necessarily its innovation path. Potential based analyses absorb all the

Why analysts overlook the greatest opportunities?

Why analysts overlook the greatest opportunities? By Al Naqvi  Reindustrialization is enabled by disruptive innovation, and historically, great transformation times offer opportunities to create powerful returns for investors. It is often hard for analysts to develop a perspective that allows them to make sense of such powerful developments. Why Financial Analysts miss the Reindustrialization Opportunity?

Improving Audit with AI

By Al Naqvi As scandal after scandal have destroyed audit credibility, the audit profession needs a total restructuring. One type of restructuring happened when PCAOB (regulator, Public Company Accounting Oversight Board) took control away from accounting firms’ self-regulation. The ongoing problems with audit are now forcing the exploration of new ideas. Some believe that the large accounting

What's your Artificial Intelligence Transformation Story?
The AI Revolution offers a great way to improve the story of your firm. Are you using the power of AI angle to showcase your story? Your investors will love it. Let us show you.
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Our Books on AI Strategy

The national strategy and the pattern of government adoption of artificial intelligence are indicators for disruptive innovation and economic growth.  

Audit and governance play a critical role in developing investment thesis. 

value creation
Generate stories that investors love

Analyzing disruptive innovations for performance and value creation requires a multidimensional perspective. 

We have developed a comprehensive model that looks at all parts of corporate performance and identifies which firms will perform better with disruptive innovation.  

Our work in these areas has been recognized by various professional and scientific societies, governance organizations, and industry associations. Check our partners page. 

Our model analyzes the artificial intelligence strategy and seeks to uncover the sophistication, comprehensiveness, depth, and effectiveness of AI strategy. Our model analyzes how the firm views its competitive position and then takes a dynamic view of AI related competitive dynamics. We explore various strategic paths for a firm in an artificial intelligence centric economy and determine the competitive response potential of the firm. We use our own proprietary models and map dominant strategic preferences of companies and their transformation paths considering changes in the underlying assumptions.
We analyze the executive leadership teams of firms to measure their state of awareness about artificial intelligence and about the disruptive impact of AI in the competitive dynamics of their company. A firm with more aware management team is more likely to undertake and pursue disruptive innovation. 

From customer service robots to smart analytics, artificial intelligence is having a powerful impact on Marketing. We measure how firms design and deploy marketing strategies that leverage and incorporate artificial intelligence. We learn the dynamic impact of using artificial intelligence in customer management, service management, and marketing analysis. Our analysis demonstrate the ability of a firm to bring innovative disruption to market. 

We study how firms use artificial intelligence to improve their financial performance. Broad areas are covered and specific examples are provided for financial innovation using artificial intelligence. Based upon the insights we measure how a firm will perform in the AI economy. 

We analyze the impact of artificial intelligence on the supply chains of firms. AI is transforming  supply chain, logistics, and procurement. We calibrate a firm’s performance in accordance with its use of AI in its production, distribution, and product. Furthermore, we understand the impact of decoupling of supply chains due to geopolitical concerns. We also measure risk management in supply chain, supplier relationship management, and procurement. 

We measure the relationship between a firm’s performance and its audit and governance with artificial intelligence. Disruptive innovation can increase the audit risk in a firm. We estimate and study how a firm responds to audit challenges. We use a comprehensive method to evaluate AI in preaudit planning, inherent risk and internal control evaluation, audit procedures, audit reporting, forensic accounting, and assurance. 

Artificial intelligence is redefining the role and strategic participation of HR departments. We measure how organizations apply artificial intelligence to enhance employee relations, skill matching, retention, onboarding, screening, interviewing, compliance and case management. We estimate how a firm uses artificial intelligence technology to improve the employee morale and satisfaction. A firm that fails to build long term talent for AI will likely not perform in the AI economy. 

We analyze and estimate the effectiveness of a firm’s CSR program, its ethics, governance, and social responsibility.  We measure how a firm approaches its materiality assessment, develops CSR strategies, and structures its CSR programs. 

We analyze and monitor operating and financial environment of a firm for risks. Our analysis are designed to measure and report dynamically on risks. 

Our clients say

Today the CI (Competitive Intelligence) profession has been revolutionized as 11 professionals from top companies such as Dell and Lockheed Martin became the first group to be certified in AI in CI or Cognitive Competitive Intelligence. CCI is not just about technology, it offers a new way to think about business and a new way to create shareholder value. In addition to AI, the course participants were trained in areas such as complex adaptive systems and emergence in business. This new breed of professionals will lead the future of their companies. Their own market value already spiked. Each one of them now holds highly valuable knowledge. We are proud to announce that with our alliance with American Institute of AI, we have become the first competitive intelligence organized in the world to offer Cognitive Competitive Intelligence course.
The contributions of Professor Naqvi have been fantastic. He is a very knowledgeable and engaging speaker, a pioneer in the field of Applied AI.
At Blue Prism we hired AIAI to assist us with various strategic areas including sales, marketing, training, and other corporate strategy areas. With its tools, thought leadership, frameworks, models, and training program AIAI created tremendous value for us and our clients.