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Lead the Future: GenAI Strategy for Business Transformation

Dive into the forefront of business innovation with our GenAI Corporate Strategy Planning course! This dynamic program equips you with the tools to transform your organization with Generative AI ...

The GenAI Advantage: Transforming Your Professional Future

Enter the AI profession with confidence. Now any business person can transition their career from legacy to AI. Transition from legacy roles to a secure future as an AI professional with our focused GenAI course ...

Double Down: Advanced GenAI Tactics for Doubling Your Income

Welcome to "Double Down: Advanced GenAI Tactics for Doubling Your Income," a groundbreaking course designed to transform your career trajectory using the power of Generative Artificial Intelligence ...

GenAI-Enhanced Questioning: Keys to Effective Communication

Unlock the power of strategic communication with "GenAI-Enhanced Questioning: Keys to Effective Communication." This cutting-edge course harnesses the capabilities of Generative AI to transform your ...

GenAI and Hofstede's Dimensions: A Beginner's Guide to Cultural Analysis

Dive into the dynamic world of cultural exploration with our cutting-edge course, "GenAI and Hofstede's Dimensions: A Beginner's Guide to Cultural Analysis." Unleash the power of GenAI to unlock  ...

The world’s first certificate program in Generative AI for Diplomacy launched

The American Institute of Artificial Intelligence (AIAI) is proud to introduce the CGEN™ Diplomacy Professional program, the first of its kind to equip diplomats and international relations professionals with the skills they need to navigate the complexities of modern diplomacy in the age of generative AI. Why CGEN™ DP? Comprehensive Curriculum: Our 700-page Body of Knowledge covers everything from the fundamentals of GenAI to its practical applications in negotiations, conflict resolution, and strategic communication. GenAI Integrated Learning Platform: Learn at your own pace with our cutting-edge platform, featuring interactive modules, real-world ...

What are the U.S. and Dubai doing in AI that’s so unique (and powerful)?

Washington D.C.- The oil-rich United Arab Emirates (UAE) has not just transformed itself into a hub for luxury tourism and a magnet for business ventures but the GCC country is also sprinting ahead in the global artificial intelligence (AI) led tech race.  The nation has already made history by appointing the world's first Minister for AI and establishing an exclusive AI university. Now, Dubai, one of the seven emirates of the UAE, has become part of a recent movement to hire Chief AI Officers for ...



AI talent deficit and ways to close the gap

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is fast becoming a ubiquitous technology. This is not merely because of the buzz around it but because of its proven transformative power across different fields which has led to advances in precision medicine, self-driving cars, enhanced productivity, and the development of efficient warfare systems and so on. As a leap-frog technology AI comes with enormous opportunities ...



Senate concerns about AUKUS show the limitations of cooperation in AI

Washington D.C.- In accordance with the adages that advise locking valuable things in a vault or keeping them under one's hat, the United States currently finds itself in a situation that necessitates such protective measures. The recent letter from the Senate's Committee on Armed Services ...

Tech Firms

Human AI

Human-centered AI adoption

From our daily online to offline experiences, the impact of Artificial intelligence (AI) on our everyday lives is no longer a secret. Apart from that, today AI is fast transforming our world with promises for a better future. And this is despite the fact that the true potential of AI ...



text to coding

GPT-3: From text to coding

In September 2020, the Guardian asked a robot to write an op-ed of around 500 words. The total words fed to it, the input, in terms of introduction and instructions were only 73 words. The output was eight unique and different op-ed pieces, each advancing a different argument. These op-ed pieces were written by the third generation Generative Pre-trained Transformer or GPT-3–a language model th ...


Establishing the GenAI in Diplomacy Profession

Ministries of Foreign Affairs and State Departments are natural candidates for the GenAI revolution – but the workforces in these agencies are not prepared. GenAI is not just about reading and summarizing documents or learning some overly simplistic prompt engineering techniques. It is about establishing a competitive advantage for your country. That is why GenAI in Diplomacy is now a professio ...


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