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AI-Driven Talent Matching: Gig Eagle Redefines Reservist Deployment for DoD

In its efforts to close the skill gap by discovering tech talent within and for the Department of Defense, the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) is rolling out a talent identification and matching platform called Gig Eagle.

The new artificial intelligence (AI) powered platform, being developed by the DIU, a Department of Defense (DoD) organization, has entered the prototype testing stage with AI, Information Technology, Human Systems, Autonomy, and Space as the initial DoD areas of interest.

The top tech talent deficit is a global phenomenon as the government and private sector worldwide continues to find ways to cope with the paucity of individuals having in-demand skills and talent. This is indeed challenging for the government as with more bureaucracy and less financial incentives, it becomes really hard for a government organization to become a talent magnet.

“Gig Eagle is a talent matching platform that allows interested DoD Reservists and Guard members to build profiles that highlight their civilian expertise and find short-term work within the DoD. By employing AI/ML methodologies, reservist profiles will be automatically matched to open requirements posted by DoD organizations needing specialty skills. The goal is to make finding and deploying suitable resources to meet specific needs as frictionless as possible,” a recent news release of the DIU reads.

Technology is considered an important enabler of competitiveness. The demand to force a focus on AI and associated technologies is ever growing to leverage the full potential of these technologies in order to create and gain a position of strength. Nonetheless, this very shortage of individuals who can serve in the high-tech and digital workforce is making this really difficult for those at the helm.

“Gig Eagle is meant to be a platform that the DoD can use to locate the talent that is currently undiscoverable,” Scott Sumner, DIU Technical Project Lead said.

The platform is intended to focus on staffing short-term “gig” project needs across the DoD, ranging from hours to several months in duration with the option to work remotely.

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