Game-changing AI

Making game-changing decisions with AI

With its 2.91 million service members and civilians, the U.S Department of Defense (DOD) is the Federal Government’s largest agency.

Tens of thousands of documents govern how the nation’s largest employer operates. There was not a single, comprehensive, trusted repository of all DoD governing requirements before May 2020. Imagine how hard it was to navigate the ever-expanding policy and requirement domain switching between documents at source one and two and so on.

Then entered the game-changing technology, GAMECHANGER, an artificial intelligence (AI) powered platform which literally transformed the DOD’s policy landscape empowering its users to navigate the universe of policies and requirements in an efficient manner saving time and efforts.

Harnessing AI to empower

Today the app, GAMECHANGER, offers tremendous benefits to the DOD users providing them a seamless experience to not just quickly and easily discover but to compare and analyze large amounts of policy data pertaining to relevant rules, regulations, and policies requirements, strategies, missions, and more all at one place.

It was made possible with Natural Language Process (NLP) and harnessing other AI capabilities enabling the DOD users to search and analyze the Department policy information and find accurate references with the ultimate goal to support evidence-based and data-driven decisions.

“GAMECHANGER is comparable to a Google search engine for all government publications,” said Mr. Mark Gorak, the JAIC’s Deputy Director.  The platform currently has over 7,500 users, 38,000 documents within its corpus, and 28 authoritative sources.

More to come

With a fully open-source and accessible code on GitHub and new advances in AI, the fully developed tool GAMECHANGER is poised to shape the future policymaking landscape and offer a more integrated requirements environment at the DOD.

“As GAMECHANGER evolves, it will continue to shape the policymaking landscape — preserving DoD resources, enabling missions at all levels, and inspiring innovative approaches to policies throughout the department,” reads this news feature by Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Public Affairs.

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