Establishing the GenAI in Diplomacy Profession

Ministries of Foreign Affairs and State Departments are natural candidates for the GenAI revolution – but the workforces in these agencies are not prepared. GenAI is not just about reading and summarizing documents or learning some overly simplistic prompt engineering techniques.

It is about establishing a competitive advantage for your country. That is why GenAI in Diplomacy is now a profession of its own. The American Institute of Artificial Intelligence has established a 700+ page GenAI in Diplomacy Body of Knowledge – the world’s first.

This Body of Knowledge is now officially establishing the profession of GenAI in Diplomacy and represents all aspects critical for that role. This includes:
―     Professional Standards and Ethics
―     Fundamentals of GenAI in Diplomacy
―     GenAI Automation Strategic Planning for MFAs
―     International Negotiations Process for GenAI Automation
―     Setup, Strategy, and Fundamental Analysis
―     Conflict Analysis and Mediation
―     Diplomatic Messaging and Influence Operations
―     Real-World Applications and Hands-On Learning
―     Multilevel Analysis
―     Mediation

Learning by Doing: The CGen™ DP certification is not just theoretical. It includes practical projects and real-world applications, allowing GenAI in Diplomacy professionals to apply their knowledge to real diplomatic scenarios. The inclusion of intelligent automations, or capacitors, helps them experiment with and understand over 20 different diplomatic processes. These hands-on experiences are invaluable for solidifying their skills and boosting their confidence in using GenAI in diplomacy.

For those leaders who are aspiring to introduce and lead GenAI revolution in their ministries and departments, CGEN™ DP is now active. Read more about it on https://lnkd.in/gixt8Byg and download prospectus and Body of Knowledge Table of Contents.

A LinkedIn Group has been formed for the CGEN™ Program and is now open. You can learn about GenAI in Diplomacy from this group: https://lnkd.in/gprSgAsQ

Note: Academics or Institutions who want to partner with American Institute of Artificial Intelligence, please send us an email on partners@americanai.com

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