Professor Al Naqvi

Prof. Al Naqvi

To stay competitive companies and fund managers must acquire capabilities and competencies to invest in, and with, artificial intelligence.   Professor Al Naqvi CEO AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Professor Naqvi empowers public, private, and social companies to successfully invest in, and with, artificial intelligence The problems solved by Professor Naqvi As artificial intelligence has redefined … Read more

How to design ESG programs that don’t get your CEOs fired? Here is the clue: Use AI.

Introduction At least two major activist investors (Bluebell Capital Partners, Artisan Partners) joined the calls for the removal of Emmanuel Faber, CEO of Danone (the French firm known for its yogurt products and bottled water). The board heard the message loud and clear, and Mr. Faber was removed from his position (see Figure 1). During … Read more

Nonergodic, history retaining trajectories of Disruptive Innovation

By: Al (Ali) Naqvi My goal in this article is to expand the traditional disruptive innovation investment analytical framework with the additional constructs of nonergodic nature of disruptive innovations. Funds have a tendency to formulate investment thesis based upon a technology’s innovation potential and not necessarily its innovation path. Potential based analyses absorb all the … Read more

Why analysts overlook the greatest opportunities?

Why analysts overlook the greatest opportunities? By Al Naqvi  Reindustrialization is enabled by disruptive innovation, and historically, great transformation times offer opportunities to create powerful returns for investors. It is often hard for analysts to develop a perspective that allows them to make sense of such powerful developments. Why Financial Analysts miss the Reindustrialization Opportunity? … Read more

Improving Audit with AI

By Al Naqvi As scandal after scandal have destroyed audit credibility, the audit profession needs a total restructuring. One type of restructuring happened when PCAOB (regulator, Public Company Accounting Oversight Board) took control away from accounting firms’ self-regulation. The ongoing problems with audit are now forcing the exploration of new ideas. Some believe that the large accounting … Read more

Neuralizing a Private Equity Firm

Neuralizing a Private Equity Firm By Al Naqvi This article reviews how to reindustrialize a private equity firm? NEURALIZING A FIRM Information technology (IT) is no longer a source of competitive advantage for companies. Too easy for competitors to copy. Too clunky. Too limited. Unlike artificial intelligence (AI), the legacy IT is deterministic and incapable … Read more

Going Social and Quantamental with AI

By Al Naqvi This is quick snapshot of some thought provoking ideas Marshall Wace uses MW TOPS trading system which collects investment ideas from over two hundred sell side institutions and independent research providers. With millions of trades conducted on the platform, the TOPS architecture allows for global, diversified portfolios with differing risk and trading … Read more

Value Investing and AI

By Al Naqvi With the rise of growth investing, and a Fed that comes to the rescue any time there are any signs of trouble, is value investing dead or dying? Value investing is based upon the ability to discover undervalued companies through finding the difference between intrinsic value and market value and waiting for … Read more

AIAI Researcher and Visiting Professor Advising Harvard Kennedy School Initiative in AI

dr mark munoz

Dr. J. Mark Munoz, visiting international chancellor at AIAI, has been appointed as an advisor to the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Initiative through the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. As an advisor, Dr. Munoz’s primary role will be to help advance the scholarship of Harvard students, researchers, alumni, faculty and other experts … Read more