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GENAI™ Certifications

Learn the science of GenAI Engineering and Management. Program for both business and technical professionals.

Learn how to revolutionize your career. Program designed for both business and technical professionals.

GENAI™ Certifications

The CGENAI™ certification program offers two core credentials designed to cater to professionals across the spectrum of business and technology: the CGENAI™ Professional and the CGENAI™ Executive Officer. Each of these credentials is structured to equip candidates with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the rapidly evolving field of Generative AI, catering to both seasoned practitioners and strategic leaders.

CGENAI™ Professional

The CGENAI™ Professional certification is tailored for practitioners who specialize in the operational aspects of GenAI, particularly in prompt engineering. This credential focuses on the creation and application of advanced prompt engineering techniques, empowering professionals to develop innovative solutions that enhance AI functionalities and user interactions. Candidates will learn to:

  • Master the nuances of prompt engineering to optimize and tailor AI responses.
  • Design and implement effective GenAI solutions that solve specific business or technical problems.
  • Enhance AI system performance through sophisticated prompt strategies and modifications.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to integrate GenAI solutions seamlessly into existing systems.

This certification is ideal for professionals aiming to deepen their technical skills in AI application, whether they come from a computer science, IT, business, or social sciences background.

CGENAI™ Executive Officer

The CGENAI™ Executive Officer program is designed for senior professionals who aspire to lead at the intersection of business and technology in the realm of AI. This credential encompasses a broad and demanding curriculum that covers advanced and strategic topics in both AI and GenAI. It prepares leaders to:

  • Understand and leverage the strategic implications of AI technologies across business models and operational frameworks.
  • Drive innovation and transformation initiatives using GenAI, fostering an environment that embraces advanced technological solutions.
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of both the technical underpinnings and business applications of AI, ensuring balanced decision-making.
  • Lead cross-disciplinary teams in the deployment and management of AI projects, ensuring alignment with strategic business goals.

The Executive Officer program is suited for individuals who hold or aspire to hold strategic positions within their organizations, such as C-level executives, senior managers, or directors, who are responsible for overseeing the integration of AI technologies into large-scale operations and strategies.

Program Accessibility

Both the CGENAI™ Professional and CGENAI™ Executive Officer designations are accessible to individuals from diverse professional backgrounds—including those with non-Computer Science (CS) or non-Information Technology (IT) credentials. The program is meticulously designed to be inclusive, providing pathways for professionals from business or social sciences to advance their careers through the strategic application of GenAI technologies.

In conclusion, whether you are looking to enhance your technical prowess in AI implementation or aiming to strategically steer your organization through the challenges and opportunities presented by AI, the CGENAI™ certification program offers a robust foundation and advanced insights to propel your professional journey.

CGENAI™ Professional Requirements

There are two requirements to achieve CGENAI™ Professional status:

  1. Pass CGENAI™ Level 1 Exam
  2. Meet the Enrollment Requirements (below)

These requirements are designed to ensure that all CGENAI™ Professionals not only have the requisite academic background and practical experience but are also well-prepared to contribute effectively to the field of Generative AI. By maintaining rigorous standards, the CGENAI™ certification upholds its reputation as a marker of excellence in the AI industry.

Enrollment Requirements for CGENAI™ Professional Candidacy

The CGENAI™ Professional credential is designed to certify individuals who possess a strong foundation in Generative AI technologies, coupled with practical business experience. To ensure that all candidates meet the high standards expected of CGENAI™ Professionals, the following enrollment requirements have been established:

Requirement 1: Education

  • Bachelor’s Degree: Candidates must have completed a bachelor’s degree or equivalent program from a recognized college or university. This foundational academic requirement ensures that all candidates possess a comprehensive understanding of fundamental principles that are vital for advanced study and application in GenAI.
  • Current Students: Individuals who are currently enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program are also eligible to sit for the exam. Those who pass the exam prior to graduation will be awarded the interim credential of “CGENAI™ Passed,” which can be fully converted to the CGENAI™ Professional credential upon confirmation of their degree completion.

Requirement 3: Language

  • Examination Language: The exam is currently administered in English. Candidates are required to possess sufficient proficiency in English to comprehend and engage with the exam material effectively.
  • Future Language Offerings: Efforts are underway to develop the program in multiple languages to accommodate a broader range of candidates. Once available, the language requirement will be adjusted accordingly to include these additional languages, making the certification more accessible globally.

Requirement 2: Qualified Work Experience

  • General Experience Requirement: Candidates must have a minimum of two years of relevant work experience, totaling at least 4000 hours. This experience can be in any business or government role, providing practical insight and understanding of professional workflows, which is essential for applying GenAI solutions effectively.
  • Advanced Degree Consideration:
    • Doctorate Programs: The work experience requirement is waived for candidates who are currently enrolled in doctorate programs, recognizing the advanced level of study and specialization that these programs entail.
    • Master’s Degree Holders: Individuals with a master’s degree need to demonstrate only one year of business experience, amounting to 2000 hours, acknowledging the additional expertise gained through their graduate studies.
  • Interim Credential: Candidates who successfully pass the exam but have not yet met the work experience requirements are eligible to use the interim credential “CGENAI™ Passed.” This allows them to signal their knowledge and readiness for roles involving GenAI, while they complete their experience requirement.

Requirement 4: Country

Live in a country where American Institute of Artificial Intelligence can work. Some countries are under US sanctions and AIAI cannot offer the program in those countries.

CGENAI™ Executive Officer Requirements

The structured requirements are designed to ensure that CGENAI™ Executive Officers not only possess advanced knowledge and skills in GenAI but also demonstrate the strategic thinking and leadership necessary to drive innovation and transformation in their organizations. By fulfilling these rigorous criteria, candidates are well-prepared to lead at the forefront of AI technology application and development.

Requirements for CGENAI™ Executive Officer Credential

The CGENAI™ Executive Officer credential is a prestigious certification designed to equip senior professionals with the strategic and managerial expertise necessary to lead and innovate in the field of Generative AI. To attain the CGENAI™ Executive Officer status, candidates must fulfill rigorous criteria that demonstrate their comprehensive knowledge, strategic insight, and leadership capabilities in applying GenAI technologies within complex organizational contexts.

Requirements for CGENAI™ Executive Officer Candidacy

Examination RequirementsPass CGENAI™ Level 1 and Level 2 Exams: Candidates must successfully complete both the Level 1 and Level 2 examinations. These exams are structured to assess a wide range of knowledge and skills, from technical proficiency in GenAI applications to strategic management and leadership in AI-driven environments.

Meet the following Enrollment Requirements:

Enrollment Requirements for CGENAI™ Executive Officer Candidacy

Requirement 1: Education

  • Bachelor’s Degree: Required. Candidates must have completed a bachelor’s degree or equivalent program from a recognized college or university. This ensures that all candidates have a solid foundation of general knowledge, critical for understanding complex GenAI concepts and strategies.

Requirement 3: Language

  • Examination Language: Currently, the exam is administered in English. Candidates must demonstrate proficiency in English to ensure they can effectively comprehend and engage with the exam material.
  • Future Language Offerings: The program is being developed in multiple languages to make the certification accessible to a global audience. As new language versions become available, the language requirement will be adjusted to include these options.

Requirement 2: Qualified Work Experience

  • Experience Requirement: Candidates must have a minimum of five years of relevant work experience, amounting to at least 10,000 hours. This experience should be in roles that involve significant leadership responsibilities, such as managing large-scale projects, leading teams, or strategic planning in business or government settings. Key competencies developed through this experience should include: Leadership and collaboration, communications, strategic thinking, critical thinking and problem solving, analytical reasoning, judgment, issue resolution, and other similar skills.

Requirement 4: Country

  • Eligibility Based on Geographic Location: Candidates must reside in a country where the American Institute of Artificial Intelligence (AIAI) is permitted to operate. Certain countries under U.S. sanctions are excluded from participation in the program due to regulatory restrictions.

Process for Taking the Exam:

Step 1: Become a member

By becoming a member you join the GenAI community and access several professional resources.

Step 3: Register for Exam

Pay the exam fee and register for Exam.

Step 2: Purchase the Body of Knowledge for Level 1 Exam

Note: To qualify for Level 2, you must first pass Level 1 Exam. Use the Body of Knowledge to study and prepare for the exam.

Step 4: Upon passing the exam, apply for the credential

Once approved, you will be CGENAI™ credentialed.