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What are the U.S. and Dubai doing in AI that’s so unique (and powerful)?

Washington D.C.- The oil-rich United Arab Emirates (UAE) has not just transformed itself into a hub for luxury tourism and a magnet for business ventures but the GCC country is also sprinting ahead in the global artificial intelligence (AI) led tech race. 

The nation has already made history by appointing the world’s first Minister for AI and establishing an exclusive AI university. Now, Dubai, one of the seven emirates of the UAE, has become part of a recent movement to hire Chief AI Officers for government departments. 

It’s worth noting that in October 2023, President Biden issued an executive order aimed at ensuring the safety and trustworthiness of AI development and utilization. Subsequently, on March 28 this year the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) introduced fresh guidelines concerning the utilization of AI within the federal government, which includes the necessity for appointing CAIOs.

The OMB sent out a memo to the Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies, stating that within 60 days of the memo’s issuance, each agency must appoint a CAIO as required by the executive order. 

Recently, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council, announced the launch of the Dubai Universal Blueprint for AI, which is an annual strategic framework designed to realize the core objectives of Dubai’s economic agenda known as D33. To kickstart this endeavor, Dubai will appoint Chief AI Officers across all its governmental entities.

Hiring Chief AI Officers will likely accelerate AI adoption, making sure it’s safe and follows ethical rules. Having a CAIO whose main job is to handle AI plans and strategies will also help keep things in line, and establish discipline, accountability, and transparency in how AI is dealt with. So far the adoption of AI has been chaotic and disorganized across organizations. It created silos and capabilities greatly vary across organizations and even within the same departments. 

“Dubai’s initiative is commendable, as is that of the U.S. Ultimately, the appointment of CAIOs in government departments will enhance AI efforts for a more integrated and strategic implementation,” says Prof. Al Naqvi, CEO of American Institute of Artificial Intelligence (AIAI), the world’s only and premier platform that trains Chief AI Officers for the government.

Dubai’s plan also seeks to inject 100 billion dirhams (approximately 27 billion USD) into the city’s economy through digital transformation and enhance economic productivity by 50% through innovative initiatives and the widespread adoption of digital solutions.

Additionally, the city will unveil a comprehensive program aimed at attracting and facilitating the establishment of data centers, alongside the introduction of a new AI company license. In order to foster a culture of innovation from an early age, Dubai will also introduce an AI week in its schools, celebrating the marvels of Artificial Intelligence.

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