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CGENAI™ Exam Overview

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CGENAI™ Program Exam Information

Welcome to the CGENAI™ Professional Certification Program. Our exams are conveniently offered online, enabling access to participants globally (with the exception of prohibited countries). Here you'll find key information to help you navigate the scheduling and testing process effectively.

Scheduling Your Exam
  • Exam Scheduling: Once you become a member of the American Institute of Artificial Intelligence, you will gain access to an exclusive online web portal and dashboard. Here you can purchase and access both the CGENAI™ Body of Knowledge and the CGENAI™ exam itself. Once you have purchased the CGENAI™ exam you can conveniently start the exam whenever you want.
  • Registration:To register for the CGENAI™ exam, you must first become a member of the American Institute of Artificial Intelligence. If you are already a member, you can log in to your membership web portal. Through the web portal you will be able to purchase both exam materials and access to the exam itself. The web portal also functions as the testing environment for your exam.
Exam Attempts
  • Attempt Limits and Purchasing More Attempts: When you purchase the CGENAI™ exam, you are given two attempts to pass the exam. If you fail both attempts, you will have to purchase future attempts. Your previous scores are kept; however, you will not be able to access any previous answers.
Exam Day Information
  • Start Time: We recommend logging in 15 minutes prior to the time you wish to start your exam attempt to ensure a smooth start.
  • Security Measures: Keep your camera on during the exam to maintain test integrity. This is mandatory and monitored.
  • Disruptions: Use a stable internet connection to avoid interruptions. In case of internet issues on your end or software disruptions from AIAI's side, you will have the option to restart your test once the system stabilizes.
During the Exam
  • Breaks: You are allowed up to two unscheduled breaks; however, the testing time will continue to run. Access to mobile phones or other electronic devices is strictly prohibited during the exam.
  • ID Verification: You must present a valid ID before starting the exam to verify your identity.
Allocated Time
  • Time: You are allocated 2 hours to finish the exam. The timer starts when you start your attempt. Upon completion of the two hour time limit, your exam will be automatically submitted. If you attempt to exit the exam, your timer will continue to run.
General Procedures
  • Compliance: Exam day procedures may vary slightly due to local requirements, but all candidates must adhere to the instructions provided. Failure to comply will result in forfeiture of a candidate's exam attempt.
Preparing thoroughly and understanding these guidelines are crucial for a smooth testing experience. We look forward to supporting you in achieving your CGENAI™ certification.

Exam Overview

The CGENAI™ certification exam is broken into two levels. The CGENAI™ Bodies of Knowledge, for Level 1 and Level 2 are available to purchase for members of the American Institute of Artificial Intelligence.

CGENAI™ Level 1 Curriculum

1. Professional Standards 
	1.1. CGENAI™ Code of Ethics 
	1.2. CGENAI™ Profession 
	1.3. CGENAI™ Code of Conduct 
	1.4. GenAI Legal and Regulatory Standards 
	1.5. GenAI Privacy Protection Standards 
	1.6. GenAI and Society 
2. GenAI Fundamentals: 
	2.1. Prompt Engineer Profession 
	2.2. The Era of AI 
	2.3. What is Artificial Intelligence? 
	2.4. What is Generative AI (GenAI)? 
	2.5. Principles of GenAI Engineering and Management
	2.6. What are Large Language Models (LLMs)?
	2.7. Chatbots 
3. Prompt Engineering 
	3.1. Prompt Engineering 
	3.2. Prompt Engineering Management 
	3.3. Advanced Prompt Engineering 
	3.4. Prompt Engineering Testing and Evaluation
	3.5. Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)
	3.6. Fine-Tuning 
	3.7. GenAI Application Development Process
	3.8. GenAI Program Development

CGENAI™ Level 2 Curriculum

Coming Soon!