DOD’s journey to a trusted AI ecosystem

The Department of Defense (DOD), in June this year, published a comprehensive guidance on the responsible use of artificial intelligence (AI) at every stage from designing to developing, deploying and using AI. The 47-page Responsible Artificial Intelligence (RAI) Strategy and Implementation (S&I) Pathway (RAI S&I Pathway) defines the Department’s framework for harnessing AI to advance the nation's security and prosperity in lawful, ethical, responsible, and accountable ways. This isn't the first RAI related initiative by the DOD. In a bid to promote transparency, a responsible ...

Here is what’s missing in American Artificial Intelligence: Find out what Former White House AI czar says about AI

In an online event sponsored by Empower AI (and other sponsors) on October 6th, 2022, Lynne Parker, former White House official, discussed her contributions and concerns for Artificial Intelligence (AI) in America. A sharp focus on artificial intelligence education and workforce training and coming up with concrete guidelines for how AI should be procured are needed to maintain American leadership in AI, said Lynne Parker, Founding Director of the National Artificial Intelligence Initiative Office (NAIIO). Lynne Parker was responding to questions asked by Aaron Boyd, ...


Twitter AIML

Twitter And Its AI/ML Endeavors

Elon Musk and Twitter are in the spotlight yet again and this time they are the focus of attention because the Tesla and SpaceX CEO is all set to buy one of the world’s most influential social networks. But our post isn’t really about this real big deal which involves a whopping $44 billion! Staying loyal to our readers, we ...


Navigating Challenges

Overcoming Obstacles: Navigating the Challenges of AI Adoption

There is no end to the application of artificial intelligence (AI). From the deep oceans to outer space and our endeavors to colonize other planets, AI is being used today almost everywhere. This isn't just about the use of AI. This technology is literally transforming ...

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text to coding

GPT-3: From text to coding

In September 2020, the Guardian asked a robot to write an op-ed of around 500 words. The total words fed to it, the input, in terms of introduction and instructions were only 73 words. The output was eight unique and different op-ed pieces, each advancing a different argument. These op-ed pieces were written by the third generation Generative Pre-trained Transformer or GPT-3–a language model th ...

Gender Gap in AI

Addressing the Gender Gap in AI: Women Rising to the Challenge

While the true potential of artificial intelligence (AI) remains largely unexplored, its impact on our world and the future is becoming more evident every day. Name any sector or industry, AI-led transformation is taking place right in front of our eyes from medical to aviation, to space and to the exploration of deep-sea ecosystems. AI, undoubtedly, has come with limitless possibilities and op ...


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