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For most AI courses on many popular platforms, the Course Completion Rate is 20 to 45%. Most people don't finish AI courses because the course creators make them cumbersome and boring. They don't know the magic of how to make AI fun to learn.

Why do we have 100% Course Completion rate? We approach online education using a holistic style to teach AI and that means a combination of simple language, plenty of examples and analogies, and storytelling. The result: you learn and stay interested.


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What is American AI?

A Revolutionary Platform for AI Learning

AI for both technical and business professionals

American Institute of AI is a learning management platform designed for all professionals. 

A Revolution in Learning AI

Build AI Capabilities

To stay competitive America needs rapid innovation. The existing AI training is overly complex and extremely expensive. Now you can learn AI with super speed and at one-tenth the cost  - enabling you to become extremely marketable. 


What Partners and Customers Say About American AI

"Today the CI (Competitive Intelligence) profession has been revolutionized as 11 professionals from top companies such as Dell and Lockheed Martin became the first group to be certified in AI in CI or Cognitive Competitive Intelligence. CCI is not just about technology, it offers a new way to think about business and a new way to create shareholder value. In addition to AI, the course participants were trained in areas such as complex adaptive systems and emergence in business. This new breed of professionals will lead the future of their companies. Their own market value already spiked. Each one of them now holds highly valuable knowledge. We are proud to announce that with our alliance with American Institute of AI, we have become the first competitive intelligence organized in the world to offer Cognitive Competitive Intelligence course."


CEO of Strategy and Competitive Intelligence Professionals Society
"The contributions of Professor Naqvi have been fantastic. He is a very knowledgeable and engaging speaker, a pioneer in the field of Applied AI."


HR Practitioner and Founder of Hacking HR
"At Blue Prism we hired AIAI to assist us with various strategic areas including sales, marketing, training, and other corporate strategy areas. With its tools, thought leadership, frameworks, models, and training program AIAI created tremendous value for us and our clients."


SVP Blue Prism