A Mind-boggling $7 Trillion Investment Ask by Altman

If you thought trillion dollar valuations were becoming normalized, consider this. Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, just proposed raising $7 Trillion dollars for a GenAI company.

For comparison purposes, that is 66% larger than the GDP of Japan, 65% more than the GDP of Germany, and 100% bigger than India’s entire GDP.

Another comparison, a rather humbling one, is that Elon Musk’s AI startup is seeking to raise merely $6 Billion from challenge OpenAI. $6 Billion vs. $7 Trillion – you can do the math.

What does Altman want all this money for? Let’s dissect it here.

Altman wants to reshape the global semiconductor industry to support the massive upcoming GenAI development.

Currently, the semiconductor industry is shaped not only by technological capabilities but also by geopolitical rivalries.

And when you think about semiconductors, you need to consider the entire value chain. This includes both sides of the value chain.

Altman understands that any half-baked tactical solution will not yield the results that America needs.

The solution that America needs, has to be complete and comprehensive.

American Institute of Artificial Intelligence has developed a report on the strategy that we believe Altman has in mind. This is based upon connecting the dots.



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