AIAI Engages Global Leaders on AI’s Role in Shaping Humanity’s Future

Washington D.C.- To advance the democratization of artificial intelligence, the American Institute of Artificial Intelligence (AIAI) actively participated in the 5th RCD Forum 2024 held in Baghdad, Iraq from March 3 to March 5.

The Al-Rafidain Center for Dialogue (RCD), an independent think tank, organized the 3-day forum under the title “Future of Mankind: Crises and Transformations” which was inaugurated by Mohammed Shia’ Al Sudani, the Prime Minister of Iraq.

The forum aimed to encourage economic, cultural, and political dialogues to enhance the democratic experience, achieve societal peace, and support governmental institutions in enhancing their performance. Among others, the event was held in cooperation with AIAI.

During the event, Prof. Al Naqvi, CEO of AIAI, shared his insights in a panel discussion titled “World of artificial intelligence: Threats and opportunities.”


Prof. Al Naqvi, CEO of AIAI, speaks at a panel discussion “World of artificial intelligence: Threats and opportunities” at the 5th RCD Forum, Baghdad on March 5, 2024.


Prof. Al Naqvi stated, “The overarching frameworks have shifted, and while some goals may be attained, certain countries will continue to lag behind the developed world. In a decade, we will see a dichotomy between countries that have embraced automation and those that have not.”

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