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American AI

American AI is a SaaS company that helps companies win Artificial Intelligence business with the government. AI is the fastest growing tech area in federal government. 

Using our machine learning enabled Capture Tech platform, our customer win more business, faster.

As a company we are committed to build the backbone of American Artificial Intelligence – with innovation and excellence.

Our software is powerful and flexible, and scales to meet the needs of any business. Win more with us!

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American AI

Our values

Our software is easy to use. Our culture is customer focused, respectful, fast paced, and innovation based.

We love diversity.

Our core values are:


―Intellectual Integrity

―Justice and Fairness

―Constant Innovation

Core Team


Dr. Al Naqvi

Founder/CEO, Professor
Dr. Al Naqvi is the Founder/CEO of American AI. Dr. Naqvi pioneered and designed the industrial capture technology platform that revolutionizes AI adoption in America. Author/Co-author/Editor of twelve books on Artificial Intelligence, Dr. Naqvi has appeared in major global conferences on AI. He advises governments and government agencies on how to build AI economies, AI policies, AI governance and ethics, and AI industrial strategies. Dr. Naqvi has a Doctorate from University of Liverpool where his dissertation focus was on the process of new product development in machine learning software.

Nur Naqvi

Chief Product Officer
With experience in working on critical strategic projects for the government, Nur Naqvi is a graduate of Virginia Tech where he received his bachelors in Applied Mathematics. He proceeded to Johns Hopkins MS in Applied Mathematics program with specialization in Quantum mathematics. As the Chief Product Officer, Nur is the architect of the algorithms that drive the American AI Capture Tech Platform.

Rai S

VP of Software Engineering
Rai leads American AI Platform’s key components and software development. With extensive experience in hands-on software development including in technologies such as C/C++, SQL, Python, and Django, Rai has performed full stack software development that includes building, designing, and maintaining platform products. Rai has degrees in computer science and engineering.

K Khattak

VP Content
Khattak specializes in data-centric content creation, enrichment, and presentation. Khattak has analyzed over ten government agencies and developed content categories to represent strategic action oriented information about agencies in the Capture Tech platform

R Tanveer

VP Infrastructure
Tanveer's expertise is in infrastructure and SaaS management. Tanveer heads the resources, data, and SaaS application management on AWS. He ensures that the American AI platform runs smoothly and is always available for clients.