Neuralizing a Private Equity Firm

By Al Naqvi

This article reviews how to reindustrialize a private equity firm?


Information technology (IT) is no longer a source of competitive advantage for companies. Too easy for competitors to copy. Too clunky. Too limited. Unlike artificial intelligence (AI), the legacy IT is deterministic and incapable of learning, adapting, or accumulating experience.

Neuralizing a company is the science of inducing behavioral modernity in the performance of a firm by using intelligent machines. It happens when a firm evolves to deploy integrated artificial intelligence infrastructure to automate and enhance work. This unleashes a powerful new wave of value creation.

Neuralization impacts six different aspects of human work (Figure 1):

Physical and Cognitive Automation: Automates existing work processes where work is composed of physical and cognitive components.

New Process Enablement: Enables new processes.

New Business Models: Allows firms to develop new business models.

Make New Scientific Discoveries: Accelerates new scientific discoveries.

Expands Human Cognitive Capacity and Awareness: Empowers executives with higher cognitive capacity and situational awareness.

Helps Improve ESG Value: Enables firms to develop stronger ethical and governance frameworks, enhance the effectiveness of corporate social responsibility initiatives, and improve positive environmental impact.

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