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You can now conduct your entire capture planning and pre-proposal development process with the click of few buttons

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Automated system that learns to bring AI opportunities to you

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Use multidimensional smart segmentation at a company, business unit, or product level. Understand segmentation drivers. Develop criteria. Evaluate the market opportunity and size by various dynamic segmentations.


Develop the most comprehensive and elaborate positioning strategy. Evaluate your marketing weaknesses and strengths. Make the bots and algorithms help you develop a market positioning that gets you the win. Supercharge your marketing with direct recommendations on how and when to market.


Develop a powerful capture plan by identifying opportunities, understanding client needs and approaches, people involved, challenges, strategies, and special insights that only machines can capture. Evaluate your own strengths and weaknesses. Perform competitor assessment and bidder comparison. Identify potential teaming partners. And develop an action plan.


Create a powerful pre-proposal handover analysis that dynamically updates as information changes. Let the algorithms do the legwork so proposal teams can focus on solution engineering.

Speed and Value with Unique Customized Information that Helps You Win More Business Faster

American AI Platform enables you to win AI technology contracts in Federal Government


Speed and Scalefor Capture Excellencefor AI Business

Capture at the speed of innovation and mission. Understand and uncover great opportunities. Help build national capacity

Automated Capture Tech Platform

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more AI business with Federal government

Win more AI government business, faster. Many DC area firms are now part of the American AI ecosphere are are achieving tremendously powerful results, faster.