American AI presents AI based model for combatting human trafficking

American AI participated in an international seminar held by US Department of Defense’s National Defense University (NDU) in Oman. The program was organized by Near East South Asia Centre for Strategic Studies (NESA), National Defense University and included participation from ten countries. The program was focused on Combatting Human Trafficking. American AI introduced a comprehensive model known as PRIME model where AI is used to Prevent, Respond, Investigate, Mitigate, and Excel in combating Human Trafficking.

“We proposed and received excellent feedback on our PRIME model. PRIME is world’s first and the most comprehensive model for Artificial Intelligence used in combatting Human Trafficking”, said Dr. Al Naqvi, CEO of American AI. “American AI has developed similar models for all areas of civilian and defense agencies. These models help develop AI strategic frameworks. Our AI platform functions based upon these models.” He elaborated.


American AI participated in an international seminar held by US Department of Defense

American AI launches new eBook series

In its new eBook series, American AI has launched its first book titled “Building an AI firm for Government Contracting” which is now available as a free downloadable PDF for everyone.

“The American leadership in AI is declining. Competitors and adversaries have caught up and in certain cases have exceeded our capabilities. The quality and strategic orientation of our AI suppliers will greatly determine our ability to compete,” Dr Al Naqvi, CEO of American AI, said.

The e-book shows how to rebuild a legacy IT firm for the AI/ML economy and win more AI business, faster. This book is written for the executives and leaders of government contracting firms. Specifically, those leaders who are interested in building a strong future for their firms. “As a company we are committed to build the backbone of American Artificial Intelligence – with innovation and excellence,” Dr Naqvi added.

Learn how to transform a legacy government contractor into an AI firm. Download our e-book now.

American AI has launched the coverage of artificial intelligence

American AI has launched the coverage of artificial intelligence (AI), data strategies and strategic plans of various departments, federal agencies and commissions.

“We provide actionable information to our customers with an aim to help them align their respective strategies for competitive advantage over peers and competitors,” Dr Al Naqvi, CEO of American AI said at the launch of the coverage. “While our analysis of the government documents serves people to make sense of the otherwise technical and complex reports, it truly helps empower our clients to gain a competitive edge to accomplish more, efficiently and impressively,” explained Dr Al Naqvi.

As a ubiquitous technology, today AI has become the fastest growing tech area in the federal government. “American AI is a SaaS company that helps companies win Artificial Intelligence business with the government, faster,” Naqvi added.