Reindustrialization Disruptive Innovation Asset Valuation  Portfolio Design  ETF/Fund Management

American AI enables ETF/Funds, private equity, corporate funds, companies, agencies, and asset managers to profit from the powerful reindustrialization market


Reindustrialization Fund Enablement (invest in AI)

STRATEGIC PLANNING: Discover alpha. Analyze the competitive space. Understand the opportunity of launching an ETF or fund focused on AI and Reindustrialization. Develop a strategy for competitive advantage. 

TOOLKIT: AIAI machine learning tools are designed to jumpstart your AI focused ETF, fund, asset management journey. We offer the startup toolkit to enable you to develop a new, or transition your existing, fund to a reindustrialization focused fund. Launch the ETF/fund with specialized research tools to actively improve and manage the performance of your fund. 

BUILD SUPPORT CAPABILITIES: We enable you to implement automation is supporting functions of the fund. Automation in other areas such as AUM management, marketing, regulatory management are also key elements of enabling a fund. 

ALIGN WITH ESG: With machine learning you can align your program with your ESG goals. We help you build a powerful ESG alignment for your funds.  

Automation for Fund Management
(invest with AI)

With this offering AIAI enables investment firms to establish and implement automated stock picking and portfolio planning.  

STRATEGIC PLANNING: Develop your strategy for automated stock picking based upon our unique understanding of the markets.

JUMPSTART: Jumpstart your AI stock picking and research functions with our tools. We implement tools for you that can give you new ways to find alpha. 

MONITOR PROGRESS: Monitor the progress of your strategy and fund. Identify and understand new strategic developments.   

BUILD SUPPORT CAPABILITIES: We help you build an automated support function for your fund needs.  

ALIGN WITH ESG: Align your fund with your ESG goals.