We believe in maintaining the supremacy of humans over machines.

Scientific Knowledge

We believe in the supremacy of responsible science and technology to solve human problems. Our responsibility is to enable all humankind to benefit from the advances in science and technology. We produce and teach science, technology, engineering, and math to improve lives and reduce human suffering. Our research will be based upon responsible science and technology.

Human Benefit

We believe in maintaining the supremacy of humans over machines. We will ensure that technology and science benefits humankind in every way possible. We will not use technology and science in areas that will increase human suffering, diminish human dignity and privacy, and allow our research and technology to hurt greater human interests

Better World

We believe in maintaining and preserving the supremacy of all biological lifeforms over machines. We will create and leave behind a better world. A better world ensures that biological lifeforms thrive, and both intelligent and less-intelligent biological lifeforms can coexist in a safe and healthy environment for all.

Nature’s Design

We believe in the supremacy of complex adaptive systems (CAS) as Nature’s preference over all other designs. From universe to flowers and from human neurological processing to societies, we observe a standard design preference of CAS. We will approach our decisions, solutions, designs, discovery, and research in accordance with CAS.

Ethical Service Leadership

We believe in the supremacy of justice, empathy, and service to create a collective human consciousness for the greater good of all humankind. We will work tirelessly to improve human lives, approach all decisions with the mindset of uncompromising ethics, and serve diligently. We exist to serve. We lead by example

Multi Stakeholder Value Creation

We believe in the supremacy of collective value creation that serves all our stakeholders. We will not serve the interests of a single constituency (for example shareholders) at the cost of other stakeholders (e.g. customers, humankind, climate). We may make decisions that will not be in shareholders’ immediate best interests. We understand our responsibility to the shareholders and will always be cognizant of that, however we believe that we serve long-term interests of our shareholders better by sticking to our core values. We will create unparalleled shareholder value by living up to our core values.