Helping Government Contractors to Win Artificial Intelligence Technology Contracts

Do you love working on SaaS based software?

American AI offers the world’s first machine learning and SaaS based Automated Capture software that helps companies win more AI technology business with Federal Government, faster. And my goal is to revolutionize AI adoption in US government with American AI SaaS Capture Tech Platform.

Dare to dream and know how to turn those dreams into a reality.  

Set the vision of your firm

American AI pioneered the machine learning approach for Capture Tech Platform concept. Designed the business model and trained the algorithms used to Segment, Position, Capture, and Propose modules of the software.

Go-to-market strategy and leads the business development activities

Position, Capture, and Propose modules of the software.

News Analysis

Receive analysis of how key developments impact reindustrialization opportunities. Stay informed.


Implement AI tools to analyze AI and reindustrialization opportunities. Deploy the most insightful technology.

Upgrade Technology

Learn how to upgrade technology to analyze new opportunities and develop investment strategy.


Identify and evaluate powerful reindustrialization. Perform multidimensional analysis to assess returns and risks.


Understand how to increase your firm's capabilities. AI is the primary driver of value now.

Dynamic Valuation

We deploy tools that evaluate narratives and investment chatter to give dynamic and behavioral valuation.