About AIAI

We help firms invest in and with artificial intelligence.

Our mission is to create powerful returns from responsible reindustrialization.

Our institute solves the most critical problem for fund managers and executives: How should I invest in and with AI?

American Institute of Artificial Intelligence (AIAI) is run by a network of professors, researchers, and experts in machine learning, mathematics, finance, data science, business, and engineering. The institute is designed to serve the AI needs of private, public, and social firms. 

AIAI closely follows and monitors the developments in the financial sector and brings a unique and powerful perspective to investment management. AIAI has acquired multidisciplinary expertise necessary for understanding reindustrialization to create value from artificial intelligence. AIAI was founded by Professor Naqvi. His work and thought leadership set the foundational body of knowledge to drive intellectual growth of the institute.  

Capability Building with AIAI

News Analysis

Receive analysis of how key developments impact reindustrialization opportunities. Stay informed.


Identify and evaluate powerful reindustrialization. Perform multidimensional analysis to assess returns and risks.


Implement AI tools to analyze AI and reindustrialization opportunities. Deploy the most insightful technology.


Understand how to increase your firm's capabilities. AI is the primary driver of value now.

Upgrade Technology

Learn how to upgrade technology to analyze new opportunities and develop investment strategy.

Dynamic Valuation

We deploy tools that evaluate narratives and investment chatter to give dynamic and behavioral valuation.